The Media Research Center has exposed rampant bias, censorship, and suppression in how America’s major news networks cover abortion. Below you’ll find a small sample of a huge problem.

100+ Pro-Lifers Demand Balanced Abortion Reporting at ABC News
August 09, 2013
“If you’ve noticed the pro-life side of the abortion debate receives little or no attention when the networks report on the abortion issue, you’re not alone.”

Media That Clamored Against Komen Skips Planned Parenthood Paying $4.3 Million in Medicaid Fraud Case
August 02, 2013
“Where was the ‘outrage and disappointment’ engulfing the media? The networks didn’t notice. Even the local newspaper coverage was terrible.”

ABC’s Cynthia McFadden Lectures Pro-Life Protester: You Don’t Sound Very ‘Loving’
August 02, 2013
“After being bluntly told by a pro-life protester that unborn babies are dismembered during abortions, McFadden lectured on the remark itself: ‘That doesn’t sound loving.'”

MSNBC’s Roberts Calls Abortion Clinics ‘Choice Providers’
July 30, 2013
“The only choice an abortion clinic facilitates is for a woman to kill her unborn child. Calling an abortion clinic a choice provider is disingenuous and shameful.”

‘Fetus’ Means Death, Abortion in Media Talk
July 29, 2013
Journalists use language to denote a difference between life and death: a baby that’s wanted and a fetus that’s doomed or unwanted. One is a blessing, the other a problematic “clump of cells.”

Live Action Cites MRC In Their March Against the Media
July 24, 2013
“… inspired by the Media Research Center, the pro-life group Live Action has announced their intention to March on the Media in protest of their continually-slanted coverage on life issues.”

Salon Celebrates Young Girl’s Obscene Pro-Abortion Sign
July 24, 2013
“Salon hyped the girl’s obscene sign as ‘quippy’ and flaunting ‘some serious flair.'”

Nets Give Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis 3 Times Coverage of Entire Gosnell Trial
July 23, 2013
“Pundits and journalists excused the media neglect, saying late term abortion was just too uncomfortable, the descriptions of the clinic too lurid, or dismissing it as a ‘local’ issue. That’s not how the broadcast networks have treated the pro-abortion crusade of Texas Democrat Wendy Davis.”

NBC’s Mitchell Avoids Tough Questions with Pelosi, Asks About Hillary and ‘Setbacks’ on ‘Reproductive Rights’
July 19, 2013
“Of course, Mitchell ignored the fact that many of these abortion restrictions are popular with Americans, perhaps because Mitchell is an outspoken – and fierce – pro-choice advocate.”

ABC News’s ‘The Note’ Cheers on ‘Big Winner’ Wendy Davis
July 17, 2013
“Mainstream media outlets have offered effusive praise for Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) since her 11-hour filibuster against a bill that would limit abortion access in the Lone Star State.”

AP Acknowledges Mistake Supporting #StandWithWendy But Does Not Issue Apology to Readers
July 17, 2013
“After pro-life bloggers called attention to the tweet, AP deleted the tweet from its official timeline but the wire service has still not apologized for its action.”

MSNBC Brings On Planned Parenthood Exec. To Distort Wisconsin Abortion Law
July 17, 2013
“No pro-life activist was brought on for balance, nor did Schiavocampo challenge Atkinson on any of her assertions.”

Vomiting Patients at Northern Va. Abortion Clinic a Near ‘Daily Occurrence’; WashPost Buries Charge Deep in Story
July 15, 2013
“Nearly 100 grand in back rent and a history of lawsuits. That hardly sounds like a financially-healthy operation, but Jackman sought earlier in the story to hype how it was abortion regulations that may make it nigh impossible for Nova to find a new home in which it can resume killing unborn babies[.]”

AP Pair Covering Texas Abortion Bill Passage Almost Completely Ignores Protesters’ Disgusting Stunts
July 13, 2013
“‘Adoring supporters’? Biased much, guys?”

Salon: States That Most Strictly Regulate Abortion Are ‘Most Dangerous Places To Be A Woman”
July 11, 2013
“But as with all political rhetoric, semantics matters a great deal, and McDonough made sure to load her article with freighted language aimed at canonizing pro-choicers and demonizing opponents of abortion.”

Chuck Todd Lectures GOP for Moving ‘Decidedly tot he Right’ on Abortion, Daring to Bring Up Legislation
June 13, 2013
“However, liberal journalists have allowed Democrats to avoid difficult questions about abortion. During the segment, Todd made no mention of Kermit Gosnell.”

PolitiFact Nails Maddow for Blatant Lie About Ohio Abortion Law
July 10, 2013
“See what Maddow did? She segued from ‘mandatory ultrasound’ in Ohio to ‘mandatory vaginal probe’ within a matter of seconds.”

N.Y. Times Columnist Hopes for More Rejoicing When ‘Parasitic’ Babies Are Aborted
July 10, 2013
“In all, Grose’s little tirade about how pro-aborts fail at the messaging game seems to miss how callous it can sound to dismiss an unborn child as a invasive parasitic creature.

NBC Mentions ‘Demonstrators on Both Sides’ of Texas Abortion Debate, Only Shows Abortion Activists
July 10, 2013
“Such footage belies the fact that sixty-two percent of Texans agree with the ban on abortions after twenty weeks, not to mention a plurality of Americans.”

NBC’s Mitchell Denounces Pro-Life Legislation, Hopes for ‘Blow-Back’ Against GOP
July 10, 2013
“Mitchell’s guests, The Washington Post‘s Karen Tumulty and Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter, engaged in a political strategy session on how abortion activists could frame the debate in their favor.”

ABC ‘World News’ Silent on Morning-After Pill for Kids
June 12, 2013
“Perhaps ABC felt it was already covering an important health story and couldn’t fit another in the broadcast. And really, a segment on women wearing high-heels even though their feet hurt is hard-hitting journalism.”

Finally: 56 Days Later, ABC Ends Blackout and Covers Gosnell ‘House of Horrors’
May 13, 2013
“Fifty-six days after the grisly trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell began, ABC broke its self-imposed blackout and finally offered coverage.”

New York Times Breaks Gosnell Guilty Verdicts By Labeling Victims ‘Fetuses’ Six Times
May 13, 2013
“Jon Hurdle labeled the convicted murderer’s victims ‘fetuses’ in the second sentence of his article. Hurdle would go on to use the slanted term five more times in his write-up.”

ABC Continues Shameful Blackout of Gosnell Coverage, Finds Time for Sno-Kone Battle
May 03, 2013
“Forty six days after the grisly trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell began, ABC still has not uttered one word about the case.”

Bozell: NBC Censors ‘Too Gruesome’ Gosnell Abortion Murder Details
May 02, 2013
“… but that hasn’t stopped NBC News from explicitly describing other murders in gory detail[.]”

Better Late than … Look Who’s Discovered the Gosnell Story
April 15, 2013
“It isn’t that the networks are shy about reporting on abortion. Since the Gosnell trial began in mid March, ABC CBS and NBC have reported on abortion 20 times.”

Skipping ‘Controversial Stings’ of the Left
April 30, 2013
“The Live Action videos? Crickets on ABC, CBS, and NBC.”

CBS Devotes 13 Seconds to Gosnell Trial Development; ABC, NBC Punt
April 24, 2013
“NBC has reported on the Gosnell case online, but has yet to give any on-air news briefs or full reports, despite the gruesome details of this case that have emerged since the grand jury issued its report in 2011.”

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